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We will round-up your purchases to the nearest dollar and send the spare change to a charity you select!

100% of Your Donation Eligible for Tax Deduction.

The charity you love is on our platform, whether a global cause or a neighborhood school. We have the nation’s most complete charity database with over 850,000 US-based 501c3’s to choose from.

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This is your giving hub. Give to one charity or give to 10 charities! Request an instantaneous giving report for your CPA at any time.

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Every charity in America is on our platform!

Large and small, national and local

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How Sarah enrolled fellow parents in our Passive Giving program to raise $1,200 per month for her son’s school.

What our customers are saying

I love this app! ChangeUp is the only place where I can give to 5 charities all at the same time in the “Save The Planet” portfolio. I give a set amount every month and get a giving report for my CPA at anytime.

Molly Fulghum Kent, Shoreline, Washington

ChangeUp is the only donation app that has complete Apple Pay integration, which means I need no usernames or passwords, just donate with my faceprint for fingerprint. Easy! 

Justin Bradshaw, San Luis Obispo, California

I couldn’t believe that the fundraising group for my daughter’s school was on ChangeUp. Throughout the month I make purchases and ChangeUp calculates the spare change and sends it to them, it operates in the background of my life!

Karen Strezbek, Fitchburg, Wisconsin

In the past I used to have to go to a charity’s website and figure out how to give, now I just go to ChangeUp because they have every charity in the country. I use the Donate Now function every month, different charities every time, and send the report to my CPA.

Robert Lim, Boulder, Colorado

I activated the ChangeUp feature on my credit card and give the spare change to my church, which is a 501c3.  It worked great.  Then I got other members of our congregation to join with a Passive Giving plan.  Every little bit helps!

Richard Simms, Peoria, Illinois


Download ChangeUp today on iOS or Android and activate your spare change in less than 2 minutes!


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