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Sample Fundraising Email

Subject:  Donate Spare Change to [Charity Name]!

Your mobile phone is now your light saber for good! 

Typically we like to fundraise large amounts, but today we’re asking you to give small amounts.  Like really small.

[Charity Name] is now activated on the ChangeUp app.  Round-up your purchases to the nearest dollar and send us your spare change! It takes 60 seconds to activate, download it here:

[Link to your charity within the app here—generated from the share button on the top right of your charity’s page in the ChangeUp app]

Main Link to the ChangeUp in the App Store:

Link a credit card and you’re done. The app will then tabulate your spare change and send it to us in a single amount on the last day of every month.  It’s so easy and operates in the background of your life. 

• Any debit or credit card works; log in to link your card

• All purchases are automatically rounded-up, whether online or off.

• Request a tax deductible report at anytime!

• Donate spare change or a fixed amount

Send your nickels and dimes to [Charity Name]!   


Your Fundraising Team

PS: ChangeUp is giving us $1 FREE for every one that signs up!

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